About the Artist

My name is Amy Gordon and I live in Los Angeles, California. After a career as a graphic designer and fashion art director, I spent the next 23 years raising my three wonderful children.


One summer day, my three dogs escaped (as they often do) and wandered into a neighbors yard. It was then that I met Jacqueline Stanford, a former triathlete and neighbor of 18 years now running a pottery workshop out of her backyard. Out of curiosity, I signed up for one of her classes and serendipitously found my passion for the wheel. 


I fell in love. It wasn't long before I had a studio of my own where I found myself spending hours perfecting my craft. I started with simple concepts like bowls and vases then transitioned into more intricate pieces like lamps and carved vessels. Most of my work is when throw although I will do some hand builds pieces here and there.


If I'm not behind the wheel, I'm either cooking, tending to my chickens, maintaining my vegetable garden, or playing with my three crazy dogs.




- Amy